TMJ Treatment in Tulsa, OK

Stop the pain and start living again!

What Is TMJ Treatment?

Find real relief for your headaches and jaw pain.

Man holding his head in pain in need of TMJ treatment in Tulsa, OK

TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder happens when the jaw joint is not properly aligned.

This misalignment of the jaw and teeth causes stress on the muscles, nerves, and joints of the mouth, face, and shoulders, leading to headaches and pain which often needs to be controlled with medication.

Dr. Hinkle offers an effective, non-surgical, and affordable treatment for TMJ disorder that restores the jaw to its most comfortable position. Many patients feel immediate relief from their pain and other symptoms with oral appliance therapy or Invisalign® treatment.

Do you need TMJ treatment from our Tulsa, OK expert? The common symptoms of TMJ disorder include:

  • Headaches
  • Soreness in the neck or shoulder muscles
  • Tinnitus - ringing in the ears
  • Clicking or popping of the jaw joint
  • Pain or swelling around the jaw joint
  • Vertigo
  • Worn teeth

Why Our Patients Love This Non-Invasive Treatment


TMJ therapy uses a custom-crafted oral appliance or Invisalign® aligner trays to gently move your teeth and jaw into their proper position. The benefits can be life-changing! In fact, some of our patients have told us it even improved their marriage!

No More Pain

The pain caused by TMJ disorder can be very debilitating, making it hard to even function each day without medication. Oral appliance therapy can stop the pain and let you get back to enjoying your life again.

Protects Oral Health

TMJ disorder and teeth grinding often go hand-in-hand. Chronic grinding wears and cracks tooth enamel, affecting the health of your teeth and gums. Properly aligning the jaw will protect your oral health and smile.

Enjoy Eating Again

Jaw and tooth misalignment can make it very painful to chew or enjoy your favorite foods. With full function restored, you can comfortably eat whatever you want again!

Why Choose Dr. Hinkle for Your TMJ Treatment in Tulsa, OK?

Listen to Becky explain how Invisalign® helped her jaw pain.

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Your smile deserves the best: the best doctor, the best treatments, and the best care. Don't you agree?

We're confident you will get that at Utica Dental. Dr. Hinkle is a recognized authority on TMJ treatment with Invisalign®. His impressive credentials include:

Our outstanding dentist is backed by a fabulous dental team who will make you feel at home!


"I am currently using Invisalign to correct the alignment of my teeth, and the experience with Dr. Hinkle and his staff has been a pleasant one. For the last 10 years, I have experienced migraines on and off every couple of weeks. I never imagined that my headaches were related to my crooked teeth, but they were. Over the course of treatment with Invisalign, my headaches have almost completely stopped."

- Jeff O., 5-Star Google Review

Have Questions About TMJ Treatment?

Your Tulsa dentist has the answers you should know.

Our success in TMJ treatment is based on Dr. Hinkle's own personal experience as a TMJ patient. Knowing and palpating just how far forward the jaw needs to go to find a functioning TMJ to provide comfort and aesthetic results is a skill learned through experience.

Dr. Hinkles' specialized training and years of experience make him the most qualified TMJ treatment dentist in Tulsa, OK. Your smile couldn't be in better hands!

First, Dr. Hinkle will restore any teeth that are damaged and in need of crowns, fillings, or dental implants.

Once, the teeth are restored, he will use a custom-created oral appliance or Invisalign® aligner trays to move the teeth and jaw into their optimum position by means of gentle, constant pressure. Invisalign®'s clear, polymer trays fit snuggly against the teeth and straighten them in just a matter of months.

Once the teeth and jaw are properly aligned, they will function the way they should - comfortably and easily.

Many patients experience immediate relief and see rapid improvement in the first few weeks of treatment.

The earlier the disorder is caught and treatment is started, the shorter your treatment will be. For more severe or advanced cases, it may take months of treatment before full relief from symptoms is achieved.

If you suspect you may have TMJ disorder, don't wait! Call us and we will be happy to set up a consultation with Dr. Hinkle at a time convenient for you.

End Your Pain and Start Living Your Life Again!

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