Dental Wars: Veneers VS Lumineers

A comparative visual study of Lumineers VS traditional veneers by Dr. Hinkle in Tulsa, Oklahoma (of the #11 Lumineers Providers nationwide)

Transform broken smiles in ONLY 2 VISITS with Lumineers

Misaligned teeth since childhood, a silly accident one forgetful evening, or years of food-staining and smoking may have left you with an unhealthy smile, holding you back from reaching your full potential in love and life.

Use this free Infographic Dental Wars: Veneers VS Lumineers, to begin the journey towards taking control of what 82% of Americans notice at first contact – your smile!

Look for these points inside:

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    What Lumineers are
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    How it works
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    Pros & Cons
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    How to find your perfect Lumineers Provider

This free download may be exactly what you’ve been looking for if you have:

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    Embarrassing feelings to smile
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    A dark or yellowish tooth surface
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    Gapped, chipped, misaligned teeth
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    The desire to change your world with a powerful smile

There is no cost for this download. We only hope you use the new found power of information to change every aspect of your life for the better – and shine that light on the world.

Courtesy of Dr. Hinkle, one of the top Lumineers Providers nationwide and a Leading Provider for Oklahoma who has successfully completed thousands of Lumineers cases on teenagers and adults.

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And may a radiant smile always be with you!

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Download Your Free Lumineers Infographic

What you'll learn:

  • What Lumineers are.
  • How it works.
  • Pros & Cons (not what you expect).

Dr. Hinkle is not only an outstanding dentist, but he is a caring and compassionate person. Everyone in the office made me feel like family. Words cannot begin to explain my gratitude to Utica Dental for my beautiful Lumineers and new found confidence.

- C.Pritch, Actual Patient