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Treat yourself to a perfect smile! If you have stained, chipped, gapped, or worn teeth - Lumineers® can cover up those flaws without invasive surgery or intense procedures.

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Lumineers Special Offer

Are You Ready for an Empowering Smile Transformation?

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    How Lumineers® differ from traditional veneers
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    Why Lumineers® are the most requested veneers by dentists and patients
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    What to expect from your Lumineers® veneers experience in Tulsa
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    How to find your perfect Lumineers® Provider

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Lumineers Special Smile

Transform Your Smile with Lumineers®

Misaligned teeth since childhood, a silly accident one forgetful evening, or years of food-staining and smoking may have left you with an unhealthy smile. Is your smile holding you back from reaching your full potential in love and life?

Lumineers® technology may be exactly what you've been looking for if you have:

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    Embarrassing feelings to smile
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    A dark or yellowish tooth surface
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    Gapped, chipped, misaligned teeth
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    The desire to change your world with a powerful smile

Why Choose Lumineers®?

Take control of what 82% of Americans notice at first contact - your smile!

Minimally Invasive

Get results without grinding or orthodontic treatment.

Instant Results

Flash your new smile after just two visits.

Durable & Strong

Proven to last for more than 20 years.


Only an experienced and certified Lumineers® dentist can guarantee the success of your transformation.
UTICA DENTAL in Tulsa is the #11 provider of Lumineers® WORLDWIDE!

Dr. Hinkle is not only an outstanding dentist, but he is a caring and compassionate person. Everyone in the office made me feel like family. Words cannot begin to explain my gratitude to Utica Dental for my beautiful Lumineers® and new found confidence.

- C.Pritch, Actual Patient

Adriana's Experience with Utica Dental Veneers in Tulsa

Dr. Hinkle, a leading veneers provider for Oklahoma, has successfully completed thousands of Lumineers® cases on teenagers and adults.

Many teens can be self-conscious about their smile. Adrianna only needed two Lumineers® to turn her smile into something out of the pages of a magazine! She's now brimming with confidence and you can too!

Lumineers Special Offer