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It all starts with a smile – a healthy diet, a confident personality, a successful career, an attractive mate.

With this FREE eBook download, make an educated first step to better overall health by learning:

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    What Invisalign is
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    How it works
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    How much it costs
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    How to find your perfect Invisalign® Provider

This free download may be perfectly made for you if you have:

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    The embarrassment to smile.
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    Gapped, crooked, misaligned teeth.
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    An aversion to unattractive metal braces.

We hope it will change the way you see your smile – the same way it has already helped change over 2 million people's lives.

When you're ready to find out if you're a candidate of Invisalign, schedule your consultation with Dr. Mike Hinkle - who's a Preferred Nationwide Provider and has successfully completed hundreds of Invisalign® cases on teenagers and adults.

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Speeding Up Your Treatment Time with Propel

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Propel allows you to complete Invisalign® treatment faster with better results. Propel uses your own biology to excel the orthodontic process, which can cut your treatment time in half, averaging just 3 - 10 months!

The process only takes a few minutes to complete during an appointment and doesn't require any healing or downtime.


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I have been a patient of Dr. Hinkle’s for many years and have had multiple dental procedures from cleanings to Invisalign®. The care and professionalism from the doctor and staff have consistently been off the chart! Dr. Hinkle’s passion for dentistry is evident in the beautiful work he has done for me. I know he has many happy patients and would encourage them to take a moment to write a review so others can experience the 'Best of the Best!'

- Cindy W., Actual Patient

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With the best dentist providing treatment, Invisalign has been proven to correct even the most difficult smiles.

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