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DIY Clear Aligners: What You Need to Know

Do mail-order teeth aligners work? Discover the truth about this DIY option.

There are so many choices for clear aligners these days, with a lot of buzz around do it yourself (DIY) clear aligners. Recently, we had a parent ask us some questions that made us want to clarify some misconceptions that may be floating around DIY clear aligners. At Utica Dental, we are not just here […]

3 Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures That Fix Crooked Teeth (Without Braces)

A couple show off their smiles from cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Did you know you don’t have to go through orthodontics to fix crooked teeth? That’s right. You can avoid metal braces AND straighten your smile. How? Cosmetic dentistry procedures in Tulsa, OK! Our cosmetic dentist, Dr. Mike Hinkle, offers three different ways you can fix your crooked teeth with cosmetic dentistry. No braces needed – […]

We WON Best Dentist in Tulsa (That’s 9 Consecutive Years!)

Best of the best 9 years in a row with image of Dr. Hinkle and award logo

We are so excited to announce we won Oklahoma Magazine‘s Best of the Best 2019 award for the best dentist in Tulsa, OK – making this nine years in a row! The cherry on top: It is all because of YOU. Your vote and your voice are what awarded us this honor of being voted the […]

My Braces Story: Third Time’s a Charm (Invisalign® Success Story)

Woman putting in her Invisalign aligner

There are several reasons why people get orthodontic treatment. One of the most common reasons is they don’t like the way their teeth look when they smile. Esthetics, making your smile look pretty, is a bonus to fixing the actual problem that causes the teeth to be out of position in the first place. But […]

Can Anyone Get Dental Implants?

Five dental implant candidates in a diagonal line smiling at the camera

Finally, a way to replace missing teeth with natural looking and feeling teeth. But can anyone get dental implants? Read our blog to find out.